Plusivo Digital DM101 Multimeter Kit

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Plusivo Compact Digital Multimeter: It can measure ACvoltage and DCvoltage, resistance, and current. It can also test circuit continuity, battery quality, and diode biases. This is a must have addition to all your electrical and electronic tools.

High-Quality Display with Backlight Function: It features a high-quality 3 and 1/2 digits display with a maximum display value of 1999. It also features a backlight to conveniently see the values on display and it has a hold function that retains the last measured value, a kick-stand, and a continuity buzzer.

Comes with These Additional Items: This digital multimeter also comes with test probes, a mini wire stripper, mini screwdrivers, 30 cm cables, and electrical tape.

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The Plusivo compact digital multimeter can be used to measure DCvoltage, ACvoltage, DCcurrent, and resistance. It can also test diodes (forward /reverse bias), and circuit continuity.

This multimeter is the ideal tool for electronics and electrical circuit debugging needs.



Display with Backlight

• Maximum display value: 1999 (31/2) digits, automatic polarity display
• With back-light feature that will be turned on for about 10 seconds when the upper left most button is pressed.


Premium Probes

• Soft rod, full sheath, socket to ensure connection effectiveness.
• The pen is about 15.5 cm long and the effective probe is about 2 cm. The total length is about 110cm.
• High and low-temperature resistance: 0-40 ° C CAT III 1000V / 10A
• Scope of application: a standard instrument for standard 4 mm banana plug.


Hand-Held or Stand-Alone

• Conveniently equipped with a kick-stand so that the multimeter can stand-alone for easy reading of measurements.
• Ergonomically shaped multimeter body that makes it easy to grip.


Multimeter Protector

• This digital multimeter has a protective cover to protect the multimeter from physical damages.


This Digital Multimeter is Capable of:

• measuring resistance from 0 ohms to 2 M ohms with the following resistance measuring scales of 200 ohms, 2 k ohms, 20 k ohms, 200k ohms, 2 M ohms
• measuring DCvoltages from 0 to 600 V with the following DCvoltage measurement scales of 200 mV, 2 V, 20 V, 200 V, 600 V
• measuring ACvoltages from 0 to 600 V with its 2 ACvoltage measurement scales of 200 V and 600 V
• measuring DCcurrent from 0 to 10 A with the current measurement scales of 2 mA, 20 mA, 200 mA, 10 A


With Bonus Items

This Digital Multimeter comes with the following bonus items:

• Mini Wire Stripper Tool
• Mini Screwdriver "-"
• Mini Screwdriver "+"
• Insulating Tape (Black)
• Mini Cable 30 cm (Black)
• Mini Cable 30 cm (Red)

Battery Quality Test

This multimeter is capable of measuring battery quality for 1.5V and 9V batteries by measuring the amount of current it can provide.

Continuity Test

Connect the test leads to two points on the circuit being tested.

Voltage Measurement

1. Insert the black probe to "COM" and the red probe to "V/Ω".

2. For ACvoltage measurement, put the range switch to the corresponding ACV range and then put the test probes to the source to be measured. The polarity will be shown on the display.

3. For DCVoltage measurement, put the range switch to the corresponding DCV range and then put the test probes to the source to be measured.

Resistance Measurement

Put the range switch to the corresponding resistor range and connect the two test probes to the element you want to measure.

ACcurrent and DCcurrent

1. Insert the black probe to "COM". The red probe can be inserted to "V/Ω" for measuring up to 200 mA, or insert the red probe to "10 A" for a maximum 10 A measurement.

2. Put the range switch to the corresponding DCA range and then put the multimeter (the 2 probes) in series with the part of the circuit that you want to measure how much current it draws. The polarity will be shown on the display.

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