Plusivo Digital Multimeter DM401B

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Smart Mode as default mode: Tests AC/DC voltage, resistance, frequency, continuity, TRMS smart digital multimeter that automatically identify measurement signal, with intelligent and professional measurement function, with full function, gear display

Large Display: 6000 counts with backlight to see the values in dimly lit areas, with intelligent and professional measurement functions. Full function, with gear display, analog bar with multiple displays, low battery indication, and hold function.

Wide Applications: Suitable for automotive, industrial, and household electrical use, accurately measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, AC/DC current, capacitance, frequency/duty, diodes, temperature, NCV, and live wire.

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Plusivo Autoranging Smart Digital Multimeter - True RMS (6000 Counts)

The Plusivo DM401B Smart Digital Multimeter is an ideal tool for electronics and electrical circuit debugging needs with test probes and various test leads, with added accessories. It is an autoranging smart digital multimeter that is easy to use and operate and can be used as multi tester for Car Battery Circuit, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Ohmmeter.

• ✓AC/DC Voltage ✓AC/DC Current ✓Resistance
• ✓Diode ✓Continuity ✓Frequency
• ✓Capacitance ✓Temperature ✓NCV ✓Live Wire Test
• ✓Backlight ✓Flashlight ✓Low Battery Indication
• ✓Overload Protection ✓Data Hold
• ✓ Manual ✓ Flyer with claim code for the ebook


Autoranging Smart Digital Multimeter with lots of accessories

• 1 pc 6000 Counts Smart Digital Multimeter
• 1 pair of Normal Test Probes
• 1 pair of Needle Test Probes
• 5-in-1 Test Leads
• 1 pc Thermocouple
• Red and Black Crocodile Clip
• 1 pc Mini Wire Stripper Tool
• 2 pcs mini screwdrivers
• 1 pc Black Insulating Tape


Smart & Manual Mode

• The default mode is the SMART mode

• Tests DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance, continuity with the meter automatically identifying the measurement signal.


Troubleshoot Electrical Problems

This smart digital multimeter is autoranging and is professionally designed to help you solve electrical problems or use them for electronics training

• Measures AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, test continuity, diode biases.

• Suitable for industrial and household use; a must-have addition to your electrical and electronic tools


AC Voltage Measurement

1. Turn on the multimeter.
2. Press Func key to select voltage gear.
3. Press the SEL button to select AC or DC voltage.
4. Insert the red probe and the black test lead into the corresponding jacks.
5. Contact the probe with both ends of the measured power supply (parallel).
6. Read the results from the display.


Protective Silicone Rubber

Protective rubber to protect the multimeter from physical damages.


Temperature Measurement

1. Turn on the multimeter, Auto mode is the default mode.
2. Press Func key to select "°C/°F" gear.
3. Insert the red probe into the temp jack and the black test lead into the "COM" jack.
4. Use the thermocouple probe to contact the measured object
5. Contact the probe with both ends of the measured power supply (parallel).
6. Read the results from the display.


NCV or Non Contact Voltage Tester

• Turn on the multimeter. Press Func key to select "NCV" gear. The "NCV" symbol will be displayed. Gradually approach the NCV sensor to the conductor.

• Detected signal level display: weak-green, display:----L, slow beep; strong-red, display-----H, fast beep

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