Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit with Digital Multimeter V5 (110 V, Plug Type: US )

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Complete Soldering Iron Kit with Multimeter: All necessary tools widely used for soldering projects, DIY crafts-making, electrical repairs, and other uses.

Premium Quality Components with safety features: High-quality soldering iron with heat-resistant cap and grip, multimeter with all-around protection and stand, and 15+ useful items!

Durable and Convenient Carry Bag: Assorted tools come in handy in a durable easy-to-carry PU bag, keep all the components organized, easy to store and transport anywhere.

Get the bonus E-book - Mastering the Art of Soldering which contains all the necessary information about included tools and materials plus several How To’s, Do’s, and Dont's, and many other topics on soldering.

See Description for more details about the product.

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The Plusivo Soldering Kit is a set that contains a complete soldering kit that includes common tools used for soldering including a Multimeter. The kit contains a 60 W Soldering Iron with Adjustable Temperature equipped with a safety design like the heat-insulated and anti-scalding silicone handle to protect users from burning. Together with the soldering iron, included are some tools and items that are needed in both soldering and desoldering. The kit contents are inside a PU carry bag that allows you to easily store the tools. Plus an Ebook for download just for you, to guide you in your soldering journey.


California Prop 65 Warning: The solder wire of this product contains chemicals known to California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Remind to wash your hands after using it.

Package Includes:

• Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron (60 W)
• Soldering Iron Stand
• Multimeter with Premium Probes
• Mini Wire Stripper Tool
• Tweezers (Curved ESD-15, Straight Tweezers ESD-11)
• Tin Wire Solder Tube and Desoldering Pump
• Black 22 and Red 22 AWG Wire
• 2 pcs Soldering Iron Tips (B and 3.2D)
• Mini Solder Rosin Paste
• Mini Screwdriver and Mini PCB
• Heat Shrink Kit
• Flyer containing instructions on how to download the user guide


Soldering Tips and Techniques: 1. Please always be careful when using these tools and check the safety tips when working with soldering iron and related activities. 2. Please select a suitable temperature when soldering. 3. Lower the temp or turn off the soldering iron when not to be used for longer periods of time (do not let it be idle) to avoid damage to the iron and tips. 4. If something unusual happens with the product and if you are not familiar with fixing it, unplug it and do not do anything, and contact the seller for assistance).

Soldering Wick and Nylon Ties

You can find in each kit six wonderfully colored nylon ties (green, black, yellow, white, blue and red), and high-quality desoldering wick 

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Plusivo Digital Multimeter

The multimeter features backlight, hold function, premium probes, voltage, current, and resistance measurement and also can be used for conductivity measurement

Solder, Tweezers, Soldering Tips, Desoldering Pump, Wires, Heat Shrink Tubes, Mini Screwdrivers

You have everything needed for both soldering and desoldering. It includes accessories that may help you in soldering wires together

Soldering Iron with Temperature Control Knob

• Adjustable Temperature Knob - to set the optimal temperature based on the solder alloy composition that you use
• Four Ventilation Holes - for quick heat dissipation
• Heat Resistant Grip - for safety when holding the soldering iron.

2 pcs Replaceable Tips

• Soldering iron tips varies in size and shape for different types of work.

Tin Wire Solder Tube

• Solder packaged in a pen-shaped container or tube for smooth feeding of the solder wire during use



Display with Backlight

• Maximum display value: 1999 (31/2) digits, automatic polarity display
• With back-light feature that will be turned on for about 10 seconds when the upper left most button is pressed.


Premium Probes

• Soft rod, full sheath, socket to ensure connection effectiveness.
• The pen is about 15.5 cm long and the effective probe is about 2 cm. The total length is about 110cm.
• High and low-temperature resistance: 0-40 ° C CAT III 1000V / 10A
• Scope of application: a standard instrument for standard 4 mm banana plug.


Hand-Held or Stand-Alone

• Conveniently equipped with a kick-stand so that the multimeter can stand-alone for easy reading of measurements.
• Ergonomically shaped multimeter body that makes it easy to grip.


Multimeter Protector

• This digital multimeter has a protective cover to protect the multimeter from physical damages.

Soldering Kit with Multimeter

When you open the kit, you will find soldering tools and accessories for various uses, from home DIY, electrical repair jobs, and other soldering projects. Plus a Multimeter inside and many, many more!!

Durable PU Carry Bag Included

All items are inside the PU carry bag for easy storage of tools. So that it will be easy to carry and transport.

A variety of items inside

Most of the things you need in soldering are inside the kit, from the soldering iron to the wires, screwdriver and heat shrink, etc. More than what you are paying for.

Bonus Ebook for download

Use the code provided in every purchase of a kit to download the ebook which contains tips about safety, how to solder, some maintenance and cleaning tips, etc.


You'll never want to be without the Plusivo Soldering Kit with Multimeter!

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