Plusivo 20AWG Hook up Wire Kit - 600V Tinned Stranded Silicone Wire of 6 Different Colors x 23 ft each

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20 Gauge Hook up Stranded Wire Kit: This kit contains 6 spools of gauge 20 high-quality and highly flexible stranded tinned copper wire of different colors (Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White), perfect for color coding your circuit wires.

Tinned Copper Wire with Silicone Insulation: Each wire is 23 feet 100-strand wire made of 0.08 mm tinned copper conductor, perfectly insulated with silicone which provides high flexibility and resistance to water, oil, solvents, and other chemicals.

Bonus Accessories and Convenient Dispensing Box: This kit also includes a heat shrink tube kit, a mini wire stripper tool, and colored cable ties. Wire Kit is in a durable color-coded dispensing box that keeps the spools organized.

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Hook-Up Wire Kit

20 AWG Stranded Core

Stranded Core Hook-up Wires are more flexible than solid core wire of equal size, making them perfect for wiring circuits on frequently moving parts like robot arms.

Kit Includes:

• 6 x hook-up wire rolls (black, white, red, blue, green, yellow)
• 60 x wire ties / 10 per color (black, white, red, blue, green, yellow)
• 1 x heat shrink tube set (black, red, yellow)
• 1 x mini wire stripper


Plusivo Hook-Up Wires are assorted in colors for easy identification and color coding. The wires are contained in a box casing to keep your workspace organized. Items included are mini wire stripper, heat shrink tubes, and wire ties.


Tinned Copper Core

The benefits of having tinned copper wire include protection against corrosion, ease of soldering, and providing the same conductivity as bare copper.


Uniformly Coated with Silicone

The uniform insulation makes the wire easy to strip and cut. The Silicone insulation provides high flexibility, resistance to acids, oils, alkalies, moisture, and offers good abrasion resistance.


Comes with these Additional Items

The kit includes a set of heat shrink tubes, a mini wire stripper tool, and colored wire ties, which may be used for other everyday projects.

Hook Up Wire Specifications
Core Dimensions 20 AWG / Stranded
Core Material Tinned Copper
Insulation Material Silicone
Wire Length 7 m (23ft) per color

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