Plusivo Potentiometer Assortment Kit

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Plusivo Potentiometer Assortment Kit: Choose from 5 different values ranging from 1K ohm to 100K ohm of multiturn trimmers with knobs suitable to your electronics / electrical project needs. It also includes 10 pcs of 1K ohm-1M ohm single linear high-precision variable resistor each with plastic knobs.

Bonus Items: This kit includes a mini screwdriver, washer, and nuts.

Durable Plastic Storage Box: All the items are packed inside a durable plastic box with compartments that keeps the items organized, easy to store and transport anywhere.

Satisfaction guarantee: The assorted potentiometer kit is backed by the manufacturer with a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime customer support for customer’s satisfaction.

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Plusivo Potentiometer Assortment Kit: It includes 1Kohm -100Kohm Multiturn Trimmer, 1Kohm -1Mohm Single Linear-High Precision Variable Resistor with Knobs.

Mini Screwdriver included: Aside from the trimmers, resistors, and knobs inside the box, you will find a mini screwdriver as a bonus.

Durable Plastic Storage Box Included: It helps you to always keep the items organized and to transport the potentiometer kit anywhere - forget about the hassle of keeping the items in a bag.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our potentiometer assortment pack is backed by our manufacturer's 30-day money-back guarantee.


What is Inside the Kit?

The potentiometer kit contains Multiturn Trimmers, Linear-High Precision Variable Resistor with Knobs plus a Mini Screwdriver as a bonus. There are also nuts and washers inside!

Assortment of Potentiometers with Knobs and Resistors

• Single Linear-High Precision Variable Resistor

- 1 kΩ

- 2 kΩ

- 5 kΩ

- 10 kΩ

- 20 kΩ

- 50 kΩ

- 100 kΩ

- 250kΩ

- 500 kΩ

- 1MΩ

• 5 pcs multiturn trimmer:

- 1 kΩ

- 5 kΩ

- 10 kΩ

- 50 kΩ

- 100 kΩ

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A necessary accessory for your DIY projects

Useful in functions like volume control on audio equipment or control of fan in your DIY projects. It features a miniature design that fits perfectly most of the control function.

Ergonomic design

The Plusivo Potentiometer Assortment Kit is a joy to use. It comes with an organizer box that allows you to easily store the components in a box. Just open the box and pick up the items that you need.


You'll never want to be without the Plusivo Potentiometer Assortment Kit

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