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Plusivo 10002 Soldering Station KitPlusivo 10002 Soldering Station Kit
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Plusivo 10001 Soldering Station KitPlusivo 10001 Soldering Station Kit
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Plusivo Heat Shrink Tubing KitPlusivo Heat Shrink Tubing Kit
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Plusivo DM301B Multimeter KitPlusivo DM301B Multimeter Kit
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    Plusivo Heat Gun
    Plusivo Heat Gun
    Plusivo Heat Gun
    Plusivo Heat Gun
    Plusivo Heat Gun
    Plusivo Heat Gun
    Plusivo Heat Gun
    Plusivo Heat Gun
    Plusivo Heat Gun

    Plusivo Heat Gun

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    High power with strong airflow: Quickly heats up with dual speed airflow control to satisfy your heating requirements [II: 500 L/min, I: 250 L/min], which can satisfy all your heating requirements.

    Stepless temperature adjustment: Rotate the black dial to adjust the temperature in the range of 122-1112℉ (50- 600℃) to help users in various tasks and DIY projects; can be used for shrinking wrap and heat shrink tubes, removing paint and adhesives, etc

    Easy to use for household projects: Ideal for bending PVC, loosening rusted bolts, heating or thawing pipes, removing tiles and flooring, vinyl wrapping, crafting, car film, and welding pipe; with stand for hands-free operation.

    See Description for more details about the product.

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    Plusivo Heat Gun 2000W with Adjustable Temperature - Easy to use tool for DIY, electronics and home improvement projects


    • Maximum Power Consumption: 2000 W
    • Temperature Adjustment Range: 122-1112℉ (50 ~ 600 °C)
    • Airflow Control: Dual Speed (Stage "I" Airflow Speed: 250 L / min, Stage "II" Airflow Speed: 500 L / min)
    • With Stand for hands-free operation

    Heat Gun with 4 nozzles, useful accessories and ebook

    • 4 pcs Nozzles (2 pcs concentrator or reducing nozzles, 1 pc reflector nozzle , 1 pc deflector nozzle or glass protection nozzle)
    • 1 pc paint scraper
    • 1 pc high quality brush
    • Heat Shrink Tubes
    • Nylon Ties (10 pcs per color, 6 colors)
    • 1 pc user guide
    • 1 pc heat gun flyer
    • 1pc Plusivo flyer (contains instructions on how to downloadable Ebook, if unsuccessful, please contact seller)

    An electric heat gun is made up of a heating element, a motor,b and a fan that sends heat out through the nozzle. This Plusivo Heat Gun is capable of working at high power, temperature, and airflow. The airflow is stronger and more consistent thanks to the double turbine, and there is a temperature adjustment that extends the range of the hot air cannon.

    Heat guns, often called Hot air guns, are used in electronics to desolder and rework surface-mounted circuit boards. Heat guns usually have the form of an elongated body pointing at what is to be heated, with a handle fixed to it at right angles and a pistol grip trigger in the same pistol form factor as many other power tools.

    What is a hot air gun used for?

    Hot air guns are used in a variety of projects from refurbishing old furniture, repairing car bumper, defrost water pipes to fairly advanced applications like cable terminals, car covering or soft welding.


    • Thaw frozen pipes

    • Loosening old bolts and screws

    • Give your car some TLC

    • Clear up foggy headlights

    • Restore car trims

    • Bend PVC and metal pipes

    • Soften or remove adhesives

    • Shrink wrapping

    • Shrink plastic tubing

    • And many more.

    NOTE: Before use

    Before starting the job it is advisable to test the workpiece for the ideal temperature to use. The description gives an indication of the likely heat settings required but always start with the low heat setting. The distance between the nozzle and the workpiece will vary according to the material being worked on but this should always be at least 50mm or more on either heat setting. All applications, with the exception of removing paint from the window frames, can be performed without using a nozzle; however for best results nozzles are recommended.



    Wattage – The machine comes with the following accessories :– this refers to the power of the heat gun. They commonly range from 1,000W to 2,000W. If there are heat and/or airflow controls, the higher the wattage, the more effective it is.

    Power switch – it’s normally a dead man switch so that power is turned off when finger pressure is removed, which is a good safety feature as the heat gun stops if it’s accidentally dropped.

    Airflow setting – having variable or more than one setting makes the heat gun more versatile.

    Thermal cut out – this switches off the tool if it overheats.

    Hanging hook – useful for storage pipe.

    How does a hot air gun work?

    Heat guns are electric hand tools which look and work in a similar way to hair dryers – operating a fan that pulls air into the body of the tool and drives it across an electric heating element and out through a nozzle. Heat guns are sometimes referred to as hot air guns.

    • To switch it on, push the on-off switch to the position “I” or “II”. Some smoke may be emitted after switching it on for the first time, but no worries - that is called burn-in smoke, and does not indicate a problem.

    • To switch it off, push the on-off switch to the position “O”.


    How long can a heat gun work?

    • You can use it for 15 minutes continuously then you have to leave it to cool before you can use it again. While cooling don't bump the unit as this can damage the element.

    Do heat guns overheat?

    If the air flow is reduced the heat gun will overheat and possibly catch fire. Never operate the heat gun with the outlet nozzle directly against a surface, this will reduce the air flow and can have the same effect as obstructing the air inlet grills. In case of overheating (e.g. due to air build-up), it automatically shuts off the heating system - but the blower continues to run. When the heat gun has cooled down to the operating temperature, the heating system is automatically switched on again. However, Do not keep the nozzle too close to the workpiece, as it leads to excessive hot air build-up, which will lead to overheating.

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    Plusivo Heat Gun

    Plusivo Heat Gun