Plusivo Basic Soldering Kit for Electronics (220-230 V, Plug Type A)

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Complete Soldering Kit for many applications: It includes all necessary tools widely used for most of soldering projects, home DIY crafts-making, electrical repairs, and more.

Premium Quality Components: High quality soldering iron with mini stand and all other accessories; soldering iron with adjustable temperature knob, 2pcs replaceable tips, heat-resistant cap and grip for maximum protection.

Bonus Accessories: 10+ extra items such as desoldering pump, solder tube, tweezers, wires, wire stripper, mini screwdrivers, heatshrink tubes and more. Plus a downloadable E-book - Mastering the Art of Soldering.

Durable and Convenient Carton Box: The tools come in handy; keeps all the components organized and easy to carry.

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Complete Soldering Kit: It includes the complete soldering tools for various uses, from home DIY, electrical repairs jobs and other soldering projects.

Premium Components: High-quality assorted components used for soldering

Soldering Iron Kit: Complete set for your soldering projects

Durable Carton Box Included: It helps you to always keep the components organized; very convenient to store small tools, easy to carry and transport.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our soldering kit is backed by our manufacturer 30-day money-back guarantee


The Basic Soldering Kit includes:

• Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron (60 W)

• Mini Soldering Iron Stand

• Mini Wire Stripper Tool

• Curved Tweezers ESD-15

• Tin Wire Solder Tube

• Desoldering Pump

• Black 22 AWG Wire

• 2pcs Soldering Iron Tips

• Mini Screwdrivers

• Heasthrink tubes

• Ebook: Mastering the art of soldering

Basic Soldering Kit


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Various Applications

• Home DIY
• electrical repairs jobs
• wiring small appliances
• electronic projects or electrical use
• simple electronic circuit board
• connecting wires


Soldering Iron (60 W) and Soldering Iron Tip Set

• features a heat resistant cap and interchangeable tips.
• includes a 2-pc set of soldering iron tips which vary in size and shape for different types of work.

Mini Soldering Iron Stand With Sponge

• tin metal base
• cleaning sponge

Soldering Kit with Bonus

• common tools used for soldering
• tin wire solder tube
• insulating tapes and wires for connecting wires
• some powerful tools such as desoldering pump and tweezers that shouldn't be missing from anyone's workbench
• mini screwdrivers, mini wire stripper tool to aid in electronics DIY projects


Soldering Iron

• Wattage: 60 W
• Working Voltage: 220-230 V, Plug Type A
• Item Dimension: 26.5 cm x 17.5 cm x 5 cm
• Max. Temperature: 450 C


Soldering Iron Stand

• holder for the soldering iron when not in use
• mini stand with soldering iron holder for preventing burns
• sponge for cleaning the soldering iron tip

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Durable Carton Box Included

• all items are inside the durable carton box
• helps to always keep the components organized
• very convenient to store small tools
• easy to carry and transport

You'll never want to be without the Plusivo Soldering Kit!

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