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      Plusivo Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266 (programmable with Arduino IDE)
      Plusivo Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266 (programmable with Arduino IDE)
      Plusivo Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266 (programmable with Arduino IDE)
      Plusivo Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266 (programmable with Arduino IDE)
      Plusivo Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266 (programmable with Arduino IDE)

      Plusivo Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266 (programmable with Arduino IDE)

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      Complete Wireless Starter Kit: This kit includes LEDs, motors, buzzers, switches, photoresistors, transistors, etc. It is ideal for beginners and professionals that are in need of basic electronic components for their advanced projects.

      The ESP8266 Module: The ESP8266 Module offers a hardware I/O compatible with the Arduino IDE. It comes with an integrated TCP/IP protocol stack that gives any microcontroller for wireless access.

      Easy to Build: Just follow the step-by-step instructions provided and complete your first electronics project in no time. No soldering needed.

      Durable Plastic Storage Box: All items are packed inside a durable plastic box that keeps them organized, easy to carry, store and transport anywhere.

      See description for more details about the product.

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      The Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266 is ideal for electronics enthusiasts and it is very useful to start working with the Arduino development environment. In addition, thanks to the included guide for this kit, any enthusiast can start creating simple or even more complex projects, even though he has never used a development board before. For most sensors and components in the kit, detailed lessons and commented codes are available and working with different sensors will become easier very quickly.

      This development board is a complex one, capable of connecting to a wireless network, or even creating a wireless network because it has the Access Point function. It can also host a mini web server and has internal memory where you can store files, web pages and others. Thus, a fairly simple project can take a whole new direction. For example, you can create a weather monitoring station and the information can be displayed in a web page, a phone app or you can store it in the internal memory at a certain interval of time.

      Another project detailed in the guide is building a piano. You have the design of a piano in a web page and when a clape is pressed, on the buzzer you will hear the sound for a note. These are simple examples of what the ESP8266 development board is capable of.

      You can find below the table of contents for the guide:

      1. Introduction
      2. Install and configure Arduino IDE
      3. Add Libraries
      4. Lesson 1: Blink an LED
      5. Lesson 2: Dim an LED
      6. Lesson 3: RGB LED
      7. Lesson 4: Motor Control
      8. Lesson 5: Ultrasonic HC-SR04+
      9. Lesson 6: RGB LED and Ultrasonic
      10. Lesson 7: Digital Inputs
      11. Lesson 8: Control an LED using pushbuttons
      12. Lesson 9: Buzzer
      13. Lesson 10: Buzzer and Digital Inputs
      14. Lesson 11: Buzzer and Ultrasonic
      15. Lesson 12: Play song with a buzzer
      16. Theory lesson: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
      17. Lesson 13: DHT11
      18. Lesson 14: Potentiometer and Servo Motor
      19. Lesson 15: Wireless Connectivity
      20. Theory lesson: Web pages
      21. Lesson 16: Control an LED from web
      22. Lesson 17: Dim an LED from web
      23. Lesson 18: Dim an RGB LED from web
      24. Lesson 19: Control a motor from web
      25. Lesson 20: Display the distance in web
      26. Lesson 21: Potentiometer, servo, DHT11 and web server
      27. Lesson 22: Buzzer from web
      28. Lesson 23: Set the frequency of a buzzer from web
      29. Lesson 24: Piano
      30. Lesson 25: Piano with 7 octaves
      31. Lesson 26: Shift Register
      32. Lesson 27: Multiple Shift Registers
      33. Lesson 28: 4 Digit 7 Segment Display
      34. Lesson 29: Multiplexing
      35. Lesson 30: Show Distance on 4 Digit Display. Timer
      36. Lesson 31: Exponential Moving Average
      37. Lesson 32: OTA Upload
      38. Lesson 33: Soft Access Point
      39. Lesson 34: SPIFFS

      You can notice that we have simple lessons and lessons with web pages, but, also, we have theory lessons where the used concepts are explained.


      What you want, what you need and what you desire


      You want

      A basic beginner kit with all the necessary components to jumpstart your interest in learning and making your own projects.


      You need

      A complete starter kit that includes a development board fully compatible with ESP8266.


      You desire

      A premium kit with detailed instructions in a high-quality storage box.


      You get

      All you want, all you need and all you desire with the Plusivo ESP8266 kit.

      UNO Kit_2_inside1LIFESTYLE.jpg

      Included in the kit:

      • Development board Wemos ESP8266 with CH340G;
      • USB type A to microUSB 1 m cable;
      • 5 5 mm blue LEDs;
      • 5 5 mm red LEDs;
      • 5 5 mm yellow LEDs;
      • 5 5 mm green LEDs;
      • 5 5 mm white LEDs;
      • 5 mm RGB LED with common cathode;
      • 11 sets of resistors with 10 pieces/set:
         • 10 Ω;
         • 100 Ω;
         • 150 Ω;
         • 220 Ω;
         • 330 Ω;
         • 1 kΩ;
         • 2 kΩ;
         • 5.1 kΩ;
         • 10 kΩ;
         • 100 kΩ;
         • 1 MΩ;
      • Breadboard 830p;
      • L293D motor driver;

      • Set of 65 male-male jumper wires for breadboard;
      • Breadboard power supply;
      • Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04+;
      • 9V battery with DC jack;
      • 10 kΩ WH148 potentiometer;
      • 5 push buttons;
      • SG90 90° servomotor;
      • Photoresistor;
      • 4 NPN 2N2222 transistors;
      • DHT11 Temperature and humidity sensor compatible with 3.3V;
      • 2 1N4007 diodes;
      • 2 74HC595 shift registers;
      • 4 Digit 7 segments display with common cathode;
      • Red ledbar;
      • DC Motor;
      • Propeller;
      • 5V relee;
      • Set of 10 20 cm male-female wires;
      • Passive buzzer;
      • Bidirectional level translator.

      Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266

      Wireless Kit Leaflet Front.png

      wireless kit 2nd.jpg

      UNO R3 2 LIFESTYLE.jpg

      All the components come in a durable plastic storage box that will help you keep the parts well organized and easy to find. It is also very compact and you can take it wherever you go and have all the necessary parts required for any project.

      You'll never want to be without the Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266 !

      Don't delay, buy today.

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      Plusivo Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266 (programmable with Arduino IDE)

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      Plusivo Wireless Super Starter Kit with ESP8266 (programmable with Arduino IDE)